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London Budget Trip : Summer 2015 (Part 1)

Assalamualaikum wbt..

Having my graduation ceremony coming in London during Summer 2015 makes us plan earlier as the budget will be slightly tight. Our Ringgit were dropping at that time and four of us are going at the same time (me, hubby, Irfan and Iman). So here we go. I am sharing here how we plan our budgeting trip this time.

1.  Flights - Emirates

We flew with Emirates for the first time as usually we took different airlines. A few months before flying, I compared a few airlines based on COST, TRAVEL TIME especially TRANSIT/ CONNECTION TIME. After searching through Brunei Airlines, Thai Airways, Emirates, Etihad, Malaysia Airlines, Vietnam Airlines and KLM Royal Dutch, I finally decided to pick Emirates.

I decided on our seating arrangement and meal option for kids, infant and ourselves through online. There are quite a list of meal choices including vegetarian. The most important thing is that they served halal meals. 24 hours prior to departure, I checked in online and that has made my life much easier where we only need to be there 90 minutes before the flight, just to deposit our baggage.

Bye bye KLIA!

Emirates interior. We are ready for take off!
We requested bassinet for Iman, eventhough I know he is slightly tall for bassinet. Irfan watched movies and play games through out the journey. He slept too when he is too tired. 

Irfan and his child meal
Collective gifts from our 4 flights with Emirates
2. Travelodge Hounslow Hotel

We picked budget hotel and is way out from London city. But this hotel is 2 tube stations away from Heathrow airport where I think is good. I prefer to travel shorter distance to airport as we have big luggage and Iman's pram to push along. However, the cons was this hotel is about 50 minutes away from London city by underground tube and I don't mind at all as we are used to travel by tubes before.

Hounslow Travelodge
Hounslow Central Station is 3 minutes walking distance from the hotel

The room was really good for our short stay
Another good points about this hotel is: its location near to a few halal restaurants and treaty shopping centre as well as a few of my favourite shops too (Primark, Clarks, H&M, Next and Mothercare).

 High Street Market
One of the shop in Treaty Centre
Clarks! I am a happy mommy :)
High Street Shops
3. Underground Travelcard

The cheapest way to travel in London is to travel by underground tubes and overground busses. We bought travel card as we don't plan to rent a car at all. Plus with Oyster travel card, we have unlimited travel access for busses and the tubes depending on the package we selected.

Oyster card
Oyster Visitor Card
However, I highly recommend to visit TFL website before deciding which card fits us best. Till we meet again in the next post on places to travel in London.

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