Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Am I Too Much or Is It A Normal Habit as A Mother?

Over the weekend haritu, sempat la belek handphone Encik Hubby. Wahhh rasa kelakar bila tengok gambar tak berapa candid yang disimpan oleh Encik Hubby. Photo of mine tengah mabuk shopping baju Irfan. Sekali tengok macam tindakan luar kawal lak. Tapi bila diingat balik, on that day itself, Encik Hub memang ada tanya, "You mengucap dan beristighfar tak tadi sebelum start shopping?" Dengan muka senyum perli dia tanya. I remembered answering him, "I did! Sebab tu banyak ni je.. hehe"


Ahaaaaa.. here I have decided!
I realized having this kind of hobby and stress releasing activity since I got this little child of mine. Mama love you, honey!


  1. Replies
    1. Hehe Cik Nor..malu pulak kena tegur dengan hubby gitu :)

  2. Biasa la..akak dulu pun mcm tu jgk :-)

  3. Wah shopping sakan akak! Rasnaya normal kan kan, nanti akak simpan baju tu sampai irfan besor nak kawen... mesti cute! ^^

    1. Tula Deno..semua yg tgk, mesti berkenan..sok sibuk shopping brg irfan and baby lak..mesti lg sakan..aduishhh

  4. shopping mmg boleh release stress

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