Tuesday, 17 September 2013

As I Watched Him Grow, Subhanallah!

September 2012, a year ago
A year has passed by and I flipped through the memory of having you in my life. Thank you Allah as I was given chance being a mother to this little child. An unerasable experience of giving birth and watched him grow.

Photo taken yesterday at Lady Diana Memorial Garden, Hyde Park, London
"Pigeons, ducks and swans! I'm chasing after you!"

Young little man, may Allah grant you with His bless and momma and papa love you till Jannah. Hugs and kisses :)


  1. "When a baby's born
    So helpless and weak
    And you're watching him growing
    So why deny
    Whats in front of your eyes
    The biggest miracle of life"
    -open your eyes by maher zain


  2. comel =) smoga jadi anak yang soleh dan berguna bila besar nnti..Amin..

  3. omey2 irfan!!! irfan ada parents yg penyatang :) semoga memvesar jadi anak yg sihat, kuat pandai dan soleh :)

    p/s: nak tempah edit blog dgn deno? boleh... tapi kena ikut turn kak... hihihi^^

  4. semoga irfan menjadi anak yang soleh ... comel irfan ^_^

  5. alololo kiutnye irfan ! geram tgk ! hehe
    semoga jd anak yg soleh & bijak tau irfan :)