Friday, 9 August 2013

London to Paris: A Weekend Escape, A Budget Trip

London to Paris, on a tight budget, tight time frame that we have. Being busy on the move all the time, do not stop us to enjoy our short break weekend. Also being a postgraduate student who is on scholarship, do not stop me from trying to explore the outside world. Nasib baiklah I came here dengan cuti belajar bergaji penuh, ada la chance nak guna duit gaji tu gi jalan2 even though on a tight budget.. hehe

We booked Eurostar ticket about two months before the journey. Before we head off to Paris, I did many surveys, walaupun kat sana nanti ada cousin yang duduk kat Marseille, France yang akan teman kami. We took Eurostar deal (train and hotel). Plus I studied Paris attractions map, so that I can pick a walking distance hotel to the most famous place in Paris, the Eiffel Tower. I picked, London-Paris by Eurostar, return ticket and Citadines Trocadero Paris Hotel, for 2 days and 1 night for 2 adults and 1 child. It costs us GBP400. I considered this as cheap sbb kalau datang dari Malaysia, entah berapa ribu la cost nya kan. Tambah lagi, nama pun weekend escape. We aimed to visit as much as possible the attraction places in two days time. Hotel tu pulak only 1.3 km away from the Eiffel Tower.

Eurostar train at the Paris Gare du Nord

We left London from St Pancras International Station at 8.25am and reached Paris Gare du Nord at 11.47am (2 hours 22 min journey). From Paris Nord, we took one day Metro ticket (zone 1 and 2, unlimited), costing us less than 10 Euros each. We then head straight to hotel, stopping at the Trocadero Metro Station.

Citadines Trocadero bedroom

Small kitchen with all cooking utensils
Catchy looking - bathroom

After checked-in, we straight away plan our visits. Here are the top 10 list that we aimed to go:

    1. Eiffel Tower
    2. Musee du Louvre
    3. Arc de Triomphe
    4. Hard Rock Cafe, Paris
    5. Champ de Elysees
    6. Notre Dame Cathederal
    7. Opera National de Paris
    8. Palais de Chaillot (to stand here, to see the light at night)
    9. the Seine river
    10. Luxemburg Garden
    Unfortunately, we do not spend too much time at the Luxemburg garden. But still, we really enjoyed the trip as we managed to visit these places in 2 days time. 

    Paris Metro map
    Eiffel Tower from Trocadero

    Arc de Triomphe

    Musee du Louvre
    Champ de Elysees

    Eiffel Tower from Trocadero at night

    So, the key success of this short trip was: proper survey and planning.. and timed your short visit!

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